About us

De Wiel Services has been active worldwide in on-site machining for almost 50 years. Through years of expertise, craftsmanship and commitment, we have grown into a solid company. Thanks to our flexibility and endeavour, we are always ready to meet your needs!

We are a down-to-earth company. We don’t promise you the moon and we don’t put ourselves on a pedestal. We just do our work. And we do our work well, we do it fast and at a fair price.

De Wiel Services operates as a service provider and supplier in:

  • Shipbuilding
  • Rail, road & hydraulic engineering
  • Cranes & Structures
  • Yacht building
  • Offshore
  • Dredging industry
  • Food industry
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Machine construction
  • Government and defence

In addition to on-site machining, our engineers have the skills to assemble and install ship propulsion systems and align machines and engines in various industries. This means that we offer a unique combination of services, so that you can be assured that your total product is in the right hands with us. With our on-site machines we can be deployed worldwide for your on-site machining operations. In addition to the many projects in the Netherlands, we are involved in various projects all over the world. De Wiel Services feels at home everywhere, and tries to deliver the highest possible quality all over the world in cooperation with you, as a valued customer.

What can you expect:

  • Highly skilled engineers
  • The highest quality
  • Short turnaround time
  • Friendly service
  • Customer focus
  • HSE certified services