On-site turning

On-site turning

De Wiel Services is specialised in on-site machining with a portable lathe for all types of tubes, sleeves, shafts and studs, and has several on-site. There are specific on-site surfacing machines for each type of shaft sleeve, shaft, stud, flange to reduce the roundness, tapering and roughness within the margin. We can measure and check the product to be sure. Thanks to our specific on-site turning machines, we are able to achieve the required tolerances.

The diameters that we can machine on the outside vary from 0mm to the desired diameter. This way, De Wiel Services is able to solve various problems with regard to tubes, shafts and studs at an early stage, so that bearings, seals, o-rings, etc. do not end their life prematurely with all the consequences that ensue.

De Wiel Services can also machine inside the tubes, shafts and studs for you with the specific on-site lathe, if necessary. This can be: Boring the inner diameter of the product, with an on-site boring machine. For more information, see “Mobile boring”. You can also think of machining a chamber with an on-site surfacing machine for an o-ring, internally or externally, turning pitch circles for plotting hole patterns, surfacing the front or surfacing angled bevels etc., with diameters varying from 0mm to 5000mm. For more information, see “Mobile surfacing of flanges”.

De Wiel Services is able to identify the customers’ needs in every aspect. As we design, assemble, manufacture etc. the lathe ourselves, we can develop and apply exactly the right lathe, down to the last detail.

The highly trained professionals of De Wiel Services can be deployed worldwide and have over 50 years of experience in on-site machining.

Whatever your question…We are at your service!

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