On-site flange surfacing

On-site flange surfacing

De Wiel Services is specialised in on-site mobile surfacing with surfacing machines for all types of flanges with different diameters. There are specific on-site surfacing machines for each type of flange to reduce the flatness/roughness within the margin. We can measure the flanges to be sure.  With the correct measuring report we can see very accurately what the deviations are and how accurate the end result is after surfacing with the on-site surfacing machine. Thanks to our specific on-site surfacing machines, we often stay well within the required tolerances.

5 reasons for choosing for on-site machining:

  • Your product cannot be machined in a machine factory.
  • Your product is too big and heavy to transport by road
  • You think the transport costs to transport your product by road are too high
  • You think the waiting times at the machine factory are too long
  • You want a shorter delivery time of your product
  • You want to continue working on your own product during on-site machining

In those cases, you choose for “DE WIEL SERVICES WORLD WIDE ON SITE MACHINING”

This means:

  • Highly skilled engineers
  • The highest quality
  • Short turnaround time
  • Friendly service
  • Customer focus
  • HSE certified services

We carry out the following works:

  • Mobile surfacing of flanges of crane foundations (pedestals)
  • Mobile surfacing of flanges of Voith Schneider foundations
  • Mobile surfacing of flanges of thruster foundations
  • Mobile surfacing of flanges of gun foundations
  • Mobile surfacing of flanges of windmill foundations
  • Mobile surfacing of flanges of foundations for bridges
  • Checking the flatness using laser

We can also carry out the drilling and tapping of the holes on the relevant P.C.D. For more information, see “Mobile drilling and tapping” on our website.  De Wiel Services is able to identify the customers’ needs in every aspect. As we design, assemble, manufacture etc. our surfacing machines ourselves, we can develop and apply exactly the right surfacing machine, down to the last detail.

The engineers of De Wiel Services can be deployed worldwide and have over 50 years of experience in the field of on-site machining.

Whatever your question… We solve it!