On-site machining

On-site machining

De Wiel Services is specialised in mobile machining – also called: on-site machining.

What is mobile machining exactly?

During the construction process of large structures and products such as offshore ships, dredgers, marine ships, windmills, cranes, bridges, and lock gates, various parts still have to be processed on site after the shell and core works, such as propeller shaft tubes, hinge tubes, foundations for engines and gearboxes, guiding surfaces for sprockets, bearing points, pivot points, lifting points, pivot points, and guide rails. This is to guarantee the quality, quantity and safety of the product.

De Wiel Services comes to the customers’ site with the necessary equipment to machine the parts that require high quality dimensions and alignment.

We perform these machining operations worldwide. The general name for mobile machining worldwide is: “On-site Machining”.

5 reasons for choosing for on-site machining:

  • Your product cannot be machined in a machine factory.
  • Your product is too big and heavy to transport by road
  • You think the transport costs to transport your product by road are too high
  • You think the waiting times at the machine factory are too long
  • You want a shorter delivery time of your product
  • You want to continue working on your own product during on-site machining

In those cases, you choose for “DE WIEL SERVICES WORLD WIDE ON SITE MACHINING”

This means:

  • Highly skilled engineers
  • The highest quality
  • Short turnaround time
  • Friendly service
  • Customer focus
  • HSE certified services

Our machines are transported to the customer by truck, sea container or plane. Our engineers come to you on site with the relevant machines, align them, and then machine the product according to the drawings you provide. Together with you, we guarantee a satisfactory result for you.

We have a wide range of on-site machines. Whether it is for mobile boring, mobile milling, mobile turning, drilling and tapping, reaming and honing. In most cases, De Wiel Services has a fitting solution. We also offer training, advice and construction supervision services.

Ask us about the possibilities.

Your demand is our challenge!