Jack load measurement

Proper alignment results in a longer life and a vibration-free environment. To check bearing pressures in the system, De Wiel Alignment can perform a jack load measurement. This gives a realistic idea of the actual bearing pressures. Think of intermediate bearings, gearboxes and propeller shaft bearings

GAP / SAG measurement

A good reference line is needed to create a good alignment. With special software it is possible to calculate an entire system. Taking account of speeds, weights, bearing loads and circumstances, it is possible to determine a GAP / SAG.
These numbers are then translated by our engineers into an alignment of the components. This way of working assures accurate alignment, with all the benefits that this entails.

Crankshaft deflection measurement

When the engines become so large that they can deform due to their own weight, it is necessary to measure the crankshaft deflection, to monitor and guarantee the straightness of the crankshaft.

Rubber deflection measurement

The big advantage of rubber support feet under, for example, main motors, is that it offers built-in flexibility. Installation in a new construction project is relatively easy and can also offer advantages during any repairs. However, there are limits to this flexible protection. During assembly, the feet must be placed correctly and the rubber will collapse over time. It is therefore important to properly measure the position of the rubbers. Our engineers have experience with all kinds of rubbers and can offer you this service.