Machine factory

We have expert people working in our machine factory in The Netherlands, in Spijk, nearby Gorinchem. They are highly trained and often have years of experience. This team supports our service engineers who operate worldwide.

In our machine factory we make products for third parties and we perform turning, drilling and milling work. We also take care of the maintenance of the machines. In our factory we develop machines with the aim of responding even better to the needs of our customers.

In the beginning of 2020, we started to work our newest milling machine: the Doosan 6700.

”Flexible and thoughtful team”
De Wiel Services Machine factory b.v. is a down-to-earth company. We don’t promise you the moon and we don’t put ourselves on a pedestal. We just do our work. And we do our work well, we do it fast and at a fair price.

Obviously, a good solution is custom-made. Whether it is a simple or a complex geometry, a prototype, a small or medium series… our people make sure that your product meets all requirements and expectations.

Our machine park consists of a state of the art 3-axis machining centre, and conventional lathes, milling and boring machines.

Because our people are competent hard workers, our delivery times are short. Without compromising on quality. Because quality is always paramount!


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Machine factory

De Wiel Services Machine factory b.v. is a supplier specialised in turning and milling ferro, non-ferro and plastic materials.

Our machine park consists of a state of the art 3 axis machining centre of the Doosan 6700 type. This machine offers high productivity with a wide variety of machining processes – from high speed milling to heavy machining. In addition, we have conventional turning and milling machines. As a supplier, we make products for companies in many industries, such as:

  • Contracting
  • Machine construction
  • Food industry
  • Inland navigation
  • Agricultural machines
  • Yacht building
  • Offshore
  • Aviation

Because our flexible, professional attitude, we have a suitable answer for every demand. Single pieces or series, large or small. With fast delivery times as the most important feature. Thanks to our professional and experienced staff, the turnaround time remains short, which results in a competitively priced product without loss of quality. Whatever work or problem you have that is related to our industry, we can solve it and offer a suitable product.

De Wiel Services Machine factory b.v.