Construction supervision

Construction supervision

Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of on-site machining, ship propulsion, alignment and alignment, as well as sales of on-site machines, we assist our customers by means of advice and possible construction supervision on location.

We are available worldwide to answer and guide difficult and complex issues. Our experienced engineers provide construction supervision together with your engineers all over the world.

If you need advice or construction supervision, choose “De Wiel Services World Wide On-Site Machining”

This implies:

Professional engineers
Optimal quality
Smooth turnaround time
Friendly service
Customer-oriented thinking
VCA certified
No nonsense
We are a down-to-earth company. We don’t promise you mountains of gold and we don’t put ourselves on a pedestal. We’re just doing our job. We do this well, quickly and at a fair price.

Is a standard solution not available? Then we look for a solution together with our customers. Our years of experience and craftsmanship ensure that we can provide specialist services such as:

On-site machining:

Boring on site
Milling on site
On site planes
Run on site
Drilling and tapping on site
Clearing and honing on site
Ship propulsion:

Propeller shafts
Propeller shaft bearing bushes
Propeller shaft seals
coupling flanges
Alignment and Alignment:

Main Engine Alignment
Gearbox alignment
Generator alignment
Steel filling blocks
Bolt calculations
Jack-load measurements
Gap-Sag calculations
With our specialist knowledge, we can respond to the questions of our customers in almost all cases.

Do you have any questions? We are glad to help you!

De Wiel Services World Wide On-Site Machining